Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Computer Science
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
545 Technology Square NE43-643
Cambridge MA 02139

Phone: +1-617-253-0451
Fax : +1-617-258-8642
email: seneff@goldilocks.lcs.mit.edu

Stephanie Seneff received her SB, SM, and PhD degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is currently a Principal Research Scientist at the Spoken Language Systems Group of the Laboratory for Computer Science. Her research in speech and language at MIT has spanned nearly thirty years, covering many aspects of the speech chain, from signals to symbols to meaning. Her early speech research, conducted at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the seventies, included synthesis, coding, feature extraction (e.g., formant and fundamental frequencies), transmission over packetized networks, and recognition. Her doctoral thesis, completed in 1985, concerned a model for human auditory processing of speech, which led to her later application of auditory modeling to computer speech recognition. Since 1989, her research has primarily focused on natural language processing for speech, encompassing syntax, semantics, speech generation, discourse and dialogue.

She has been heavily involved in the development of many different conversational systems covering a wide range of applications.

Dr. Seneff has published over 80 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, covering a variety of speech and language related topics. She has taught courses at MIT and abroad, and has supervised a number of SB, SM, and PhD students at MIT. Over the years, she has also served on various professional committees and editorial boards.